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Quentin Josis Julian A. Fernandez
Quentin Josis - esports commentator Belgium Julian Albiar Fernandez - esports commentator Belgium
Quentin is a FIFA caster but also is able to perform on Fortnite as welll as caster for others on an ad hoc basis, which he did during the EGO be.brussels show cast in the Rocket League. He also hosted as an esports tribune on NRJ. Julian is a former professional player of FIFA (Standard de Liège). He has been an analyst during our FIFA broadcasts but also regularly helping us with the various technical problems that might occcured during some events.

Esports players

Elias Bray Quentin journée
Elias Bray - ZayroRFIFA Quentin Journée - ReaZ FIFA
Elias is the Belgian successor on the FIFA game. He participated into the ePro League representing the colors of Sint-Truiden and finishing the first phase without any defeat in 15 games. He is one of the most hopefull on the Belgian scene and is able to claim to shine internationally in the coming years. Quentin is a serious and disciplined player. Unknown a few years ago, he works hard his game and his mind to achieve his goals. He is a verified player on FUT and has also participated in the qualification of the ePro League and has completed the last four times twice for the club of Eupen.

Esports coach

Morgan Bray

Morgan Bray - Aomine FIFA
Morgan is a respected coach on the Belgian scene. With his brother (Elias), he knows how to build a game and a steel mind. He also has a more than respectable level of gaming. Morgan is the coach of our esports team and manages to get the best out of each player. |