Regarding the first tournament of FIFA organised in Brussels (Koning Baudouin Stadium), the European Gaming Organisation (EGO) has the opportunity to have netgen esport as support to their livestreaming organisation and much more...

    Case study
    The European Gaming Organisation was supposed to perform the first streaming tournament of the season on the streaming platform.

    Everything was ready to perform the IT performance during their first visit some weeks before the event. We have been in relationship with i-City (technological partnership of Brussels) which is in charge of the network of the King Baudouin Stadium) in order to find a solution for the already user of the available internet network. We have ordered an independant network regarding the network of the stadium.

    The European Gaming Organisation has also asked us to establish some mockup 3D of the arrangement. Hereafter you will find some photos about this event :

    We have also transmitted the total tournament with many of the video and audio streamings (video flux, audio flux, etc...) and asume the entire transmission of the event.

    Hereafter you will see some events.

    Mooovizz (video production for tv) has asking us for use some parts of livestreaming productions for their production "Inside the Standard de Liege)