For the very first time, Walibi (the well known attraction park in Belgium) has organised an esport event in 2019 in the Tiki Theater in their Belgium event park).

    The direction of this event has been managed by Movietown and many many people have been there or on line due to livestream.

    In cooperation with LEDCOM, netgen was able to install everything needed to have a real good development of the day in order to be able to have a very nice day. We were really involved in the performance of the day (screens, sound...), and were really involved in the streaming of the event livestream on many platforms due to our distribution platforms.

    The real animation was due to our two talents : Quentin Josis and Quentin Journée during these two days.

    Hereafter, you will find some views of the livestream from Twitch, YouTube & Facebook